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Abu Nurah

Abu Nurah "Don't Be A Citizen"
Abu Nurah is an emcee with something to say, in the tradition of the greats like Chuck D and KRS ONE--in short, one of those that grabs the mic with a purpose. He came up in Los Angeles' notorious Pico-Union neighborhood. From an early age, he's had a strong connection to hip hop culture, twice winning his school's annual break-dancing competition. In the mid-eighties, he began to shift his focus to writing rhymes. After high school, Abu Nurah went on to study at Harvard, earning a piece of paper that says 'My momma didn't raise no dummy.' 
        His debut album, a mixtape titled Don't be a Citizen is a wakeup call as well as a call to arms. Through this seminal work, Abu Nurah promotes a revolution of thought, urging listeners to stop thinking like 'citizens' who don't question what they're told. Indeed, injustices do not just arise from the words of corrupt leaders; rather they are enabled by armies of citizens who directly or indirectly assist the rulers by playing their various roles. 
        Citizens see the world as 'Us' versus 'Them', while the rest of of us shun nationalism and embrace ideals of justice and human rights for all. What's more, citizens have been programmed to believe that we live in a real democracy and that corporate and special interest lobbies are a healthy sign. They praise our goverment as the world's best democracy, blind to the fact we live in the heart of the beast.
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Abu Nurah "Say it Loud"
“Say it Loud,” Abu Nurah’s second outing, pays tribute in title and spirit to the legendary James Brown’s revolutionary song by the same name. As is now customary of Abu Nurah’s work, the album pulls no punches. The title track reclaims the much maligned term Jihad and expounds on the virtues of selfless sacrifice to help the weak and downtrodden. 

        Another track, “Imagine,” tells the story of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a woman kidnapped along with her three children from the streets of Pakistan only to spend years in captivity in the infamous U.S.-run torture prison at Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan. 

        Just as uncompromising as the message is the quality of the beats and rhymes. Backed by contributions from veteran producers like DJ Roddy Rod (Maspyke, Low Budget Crew), the album’s 17 tracks prompt head-banging as well as soul-searching. Emcees Tableek (of Maspyke) and Zulu Sheksta (from Poland) are featured on two of the tracks. Other production credits include Kashmir, The Wayfarers, Maro-One, Sumo Lex, and Umar Jibril. Cuts and scratches are courtesy of DJ Henry C and The Wayfarer.
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